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V play

Design Studio

In the last 10 years Vered Mivtzari conducted "UPLAY studio" with Yossi Ben Arush. Over the years the studio has gained expertise in design and manufacturing processes, which she brings to her new studio identity with "V Play". Mivtzari's exclusive ownership.


V Play is an industrial design studio which was founded by Vered Mivtzari, creative industrial designer with 18 years of experience in the industry. V Play specializes in the development, design and planning of children's playground equipment.


The studio has a wide range of activity that varies from playground facilities, scientific products and kits for children of different ages. On top of that, the studio also deals with design and development of furniture and consumer goods.


V Play also gives general design solutions which include concept development, design planning and marketing strategy. The process continues as far as implementation and Production.


Vered Mivtzari

Studio Director and owner. Has a management. 

Industrial designer, graduated the Department of Industrial Design, Hadassah College - Jerusalem, 1995.

Has a BA in business management from the Thames Valley University  London, 2002.

Lecturer at HIT - Holon Institute of Technology, Department of Industrial Design.

In previous years was a lecturer at Hadassah College (Jerusalem) and Shenkar College of Engineering and Design (Tel-Aviv).

V play

Design Studio
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